Builder's Link Privacy Policy


Builder's Network tries to collect the minimum of personal information in order to render its services to you.


Builder's Link reserves the right to monitor your behavior and interaction with The Website for analytics purposes. This information will only be used by direct employees of Builder's Link, and will not be shared with third parties, except where required by law.


Builder's Link partners with businesses to advertise to you. While Builder's Link reserves the right to use your personal information to determine which advertisements to show you, your personal information will never be shared with our advertising partners.

Requested information

This is the information we ask for, and how we treat it:
  • We ask for your phone number, to facilitate contact sharing between users of The Website.
  • We ask for your ZIP code, so people can find you when looking for nearby contractors/tradesmen.
  • We ask for your full name, which is only shown in your private profile.
  • We ask for a profile picture from you. Your profile picture is stored on our service, and is shown to anyone viewing your public or private profile.
  • We send your device's specific location to our server to identify your ZIP code when you hit the 'location' button in job/profile search. The location sent to our service this way is not stored or retained in any way. Furthermore, the latitude and longitude are truncated to three decimal places when sent this way, giving a resolution of approximately 250 feet.
  • We ask for your email address. Your email address is the primary identifier for your account. We do not send your email to third parties for any purpose, except where required by law.

Public and Private profiles

There is a concept of 'public' profiles and 'private' profiles in Builder's Network. If you choose to have a public profile during profile setup, some of the information you entered is available to anyone searching for contractors or tradesmen.

The public profile contains:
  • First name
  • Last initial
  • ZIP code
  • Description
  • Proficient skills
  • Completed requests

When contact is established, either through an accepted job offer or an accepted contact request, both parties may see each other's 'private' profile.

This private profile contains:
  • All public profile information
  • Full name
  • Phone number